Tamarack Nature Preserve Tour

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Tamarack Nature Preserve
1825 Tower Drive, Woodbury

Join us for a tour of the Tamarack Nature Preserve in Woodbury.

Dana Boyle, our tour guide, recommends: “There is a small parking lot at the Preserve’s main entrance. If the lot is full, there is free parking along the street. I would just recommend driving past the curve (where the park entrance is) and parking down the block. I’ll bring some show and tell materials, but if people could spend a little time in advance looking at the field guides and surveys section of our www.tamaracknaturepreserve.org website, I think you’d find it worthwhile. And it would be good if interested folks wanted to download the inaturalist.org app and create a user name and password before we set out. I can show you all how to use that app while we’re on the walk, and people can start adding to our special community science project. The other handy birding app for novices (like me) is Merlin for Birds, developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Plan to protect from mosquitoes and ticks, and folks may want to bring binoculars, cameras, field guides, and/or sketch books.”

Tamarack Nature Preserve is managed by the City of Woodbury, Minnesota in collaboration with the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District. It is a 169-acre wetland surrounded by woodlands. This bog-like “rich fen”, which resulted from the last retreat of glaciers in the region over 10,000 years ago, is home to one of the southernmost stands of tamarack trees in the state. Classified by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as a “Southern Rich Conifer Swamp,” the site boasts a great biodiversity of marsh plants, birds and other wild creatures, as well as floating hummocks. It not only provides important habitat for flora and fauna, but allows human visitors to immerse themselves in a reflective and restorative place that provides deep connection to nature. In the September 2021 issue of Natural History magazine, prominent botanist Dr. Robert Mohlenbrock wrote a detailed account of his research on the Tamarack Nature Preserve, in his This Land column. Take a quick video tour.

Register early for this tour, as the number of participants the tour can accommodate is limited!  Please be sure to give your phone number so we can reach you quickly if the tour has to be rescheduled again.