Lake Johanna Esker Preserve Virtual Tour

6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

Come join us for a virtual tour of the beautiful Lake Johanna Esker Preserve in west central Minnesota.  Go to this link to register:

This will also be our annual membership business meeting when we elect officers for the next year.

Tour guide: Dave Jungst

Minnesota has some great places to see remnant native prairie and oak savanna. One of the best examples of these landscapes exists in the Glacial Lakes area in Pope County and is open to the public. Lake Johanna Esker is about 800 acres in southeast Pope County owned, managed, and protected by The Nature Conservancy. The preserve is named for its esker, one of the few protected in Minnesota, a 70-foot high serpentine ridge of sand and gravel deposited by a stream that once flowed in the ice of a glacier and now provides views of the surrounding Ordway-Glacial Lakes landscape. The area includes dry sand-gravel prairie, marsh, and basswood-burr oak forest and flourishes with numerous examples of local flora and fauna.

photo of man with 2 dogs

Dave Jungst

Dave loves the outdoors and has been working in the natural resource conservation field his whole career. He’s worked with hundreds of landowners to help them improve, restore and protect their property for the future. For three seasons he was a project lead for the Nature Conservancy on native seed collection for restoration work in the Glacial Lakes area. He now works for the DNR Prairie Bank Program helping private landowners permanently protect their remnant native prairies in western Minnesota. Dave and his wife Lindy also have decades of experience with native plant restoration on their own properties in Douglas and Stevens Counties.