Golden Alexander

  • Bloom Time: Apr. – June
  • Bloom Color: Yellow
  • Height: 3 feet
  • Sun: Full to partial
  • Soil: Medium-wet to medium-dry

Caterpillar food for
Rigid Sunflower Border (Papaipema rigida), Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes), Common Eupithacia (Eupithecia miserulata)

Butterfly food for
Azures (Celastrina spp.)

Attracts these pollinators
Mining Bee (Andrena zizia), Soldier Beetles (Rhagonycha spp.), Ladybird Beetles (Cycloneda spp.), Mason Bees (Osmia spp.), Bumble Bees (Bombus spp.), Sweat Bees (Lasioglossum spp.), Yellow-Faced Bees (Hylaeus spp.), Small Carpenter Bees (Ceratina spp.)

More information: Minnesota Wildflowers