Pollinator Projects Approved in MN House Committee

The House Environment and Natural Resources Finance and Policy Committee on January 17 approved $80 million in spending on 85 projects across the state from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.

Pollinator-related projects are: Assessing Restorations for Rusty-Patched and Other Bumblebee Habitat, Developing Conservation Priorities for Rare and Specialist Bees, Minnesota Bee and Beneficial Species Habitat Enhancement II, Karner Blue Butterfly Insurance Population Establishment in Minnesota, Pollinator Central III: Habitat Improvement with Community Monitoring, Pollinator Enhancement and Mississippi River Shoreline Restoration, Pollinator Habitat Creation at Minnesota Closed Landfills. These projects will be funded for $3.8 million. Check the complete list to see all the projects, as there are many others that will benefit pollinators. This bill (HF172) has not yet been approved by the full House.