Dear Members,

Due to ongoing concerns over COVID-19 the Wild Ones Big River Big Woods Board has opted to postpone our annual plant sale scheduled for May 24th. At this point we are looking to schedule a fall plant sale (mid to late September, date TBD), which is still an excellent time for planting many native species.

We hope at this time you all will continue to do the excellent work of caring for native ecosystems by gardening with natives. As we are sure you all know, there are still plenty of garden tasks to be done during the summer, as well as the ever important job of simply enjoying your gardens and observing the fabulous wildlife that utilize them.

If you are looking to add to your garden we encourage you to support local native plant nurseries. You can find this information on our website here:

Please be sure to also check out the other fabulous resources on our website for plant ID, bee ID, planting guides, podcasts, invasive species ID, plant propagation, and much more! You can find that information here:

Best wishes from all of us on the Wild Ones Big River Big Woods Board.


You can donate plants from your garden to the Big River Big Woods fall plant sale.  When you are thinning out your garden this spring, plant the extras in pots and set them aside for the sale.  We won’t be able to help you dig and pot your plants during social distancing restrictions, but can provide help through email.  Send your questions to  There is a link to step-by-step potting directions in the following section. We appreciate your donations. Our annual plant sale is our only fundraising activity of the year.


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