May 23, 2019

6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

Autumn Grove Park, 1365 Lydia Avenue West, Roseville

Healthy Soils & Water Conservation

A child holding a probe for testing Gregg Thompson

Want a healthier landscape that needs less (or no) supplemental watering? Learn tips to improve soil health to encourage improve root development, rainfall absorption and moisture retention. The presentation will also provide tips for safely and effectively capturing rainwater for reuse.

Gregg Thompson is a Watershed Specialist with the City of Eagan. He provides technical support to reduce stormwater runoff impacts on water resources, through land projects and watershed stewardship activities.

Originally from a farm in South Dakota, where he developed his fascination with water, vegetation and soil, his background is in landscape architecture with 25+ years of experience working in residential/commercial landscapes and public-land projects.