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CANCELLED: Rewilding the Home Landscape

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Wood Lake Nature Center
6710 Lake Shore Drive, Richfield

Lessons Learned from 40 Years of Repairing the Earth by Restoring with Native Vegetation

Wild Ones Twin Cities Chapter Meeting

Back in 1977 when Ron Bowen founded Prairie Restorations, restoring land using regionally native vegetation was rare—especially in urban and suburban landscapes. Not only were native plants and seed hard to come by, so was finding staff who were well acquainted with the individual “personalities” of native plants as well as native plant communities. Over 40 years later, Ron has built “the longest operating full-service ecological restoration company in the United States.” Throughout the decades, he has helped restore thousands of acres of prairies, woodlands, shorelines, wetlands, home landscapes, and solar sites—always with an eye to providing habitat for wildlife. Join us for a photographic journey of Ron’s projects over the years; hear his stories and learn about his experiences striving to create habitat that welcomes a diversity of insect life as well as other wildlife.