Landscaping With Minnesota Native Trees and Shrubs in Suburbia

6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

photo of tree in flowerLandscaping With Minnesota Native Trees and Shrubs in Suburbia
Gardens using native plants are springing up around our metro area as our communities seek more environmentally friendly land practices at home.  Minnesota has 92 native tree species and 131 native shrub species, and these species are components in the various native plant communities that are forests, wetlands, savanna and prairie.  Although some species are rare and not sold on the market, many are available to gardeners.  Also, growing conditions for many species are very site specific, while others are more adaptable and widespread in Minnesota. We will focus on native trees and shrubs of Minnesota that are suitable and versatile for landscaping in suburban settings.
Erik Olsen graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in Environmental Design and a Masters in Landscape Architecture in 1995.  Shortly thereafter, he was introduced to native plants by a friend who worked for a local prairie restoration company.  Erik joined Out Back Nursery & Landscaping in 1997 and began designing and installing landscapes using primarily native plants.  He has given presentations about native plants and natural landscaping to various garden clubs over the years.  Some examples of his designs appear in books by Lynn Steiner and Evelyn Hadden’s Beautiful No Mow Yards.  Erik brings vision into his designs that merge ecological processes with horticultural practices.
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