round holes in leaves

Insect Tracks & Signs on Native Plants

6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

Insect Tracks & Signs on Native Plants, presented by Eric Vehe

There are far more insects interacting with native plants in gardens and natural spaces than just pollinators and persistent Japanese Beetles. Many leave obvious signs, while others are much more obscure and cryptic. Naturalist and certified wildlife tracker Eric Vehe will lead you through the basics of identifying some of the major types of sign you can find on plants that show evidence of insect interaction. Not a purely insect talk nor a purely plant talk, but a look at the ecology and natural history of both types of organisms to highlight the fascinating stories of coevolution found in gardens and natural spaces. Guaranteed to give you obscure facts to wow your friends with on your next walk outdoors.

Eric Vehe is a naturalist and the Interpretive Program Coordinator at Wargo Nature Center. He has also previously worked at numerous other environmental education sites, including the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden. He holds a level III certification in Track & Sign identification through Tracker Certification North America and a certificate in Ecological Restoration from the University of Minnesota.

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