Gray-headed coneflowers viewed from the side.

How to Start Native Plant Seeds

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Ramsey County Library, White Bear Lake
2150 2nd Street, White Bear Lake

How to Start Native Plant Seeds is brought to us by Pam Frink and the White Bear Lake Seed Library.

Held in the Lion’s Den room of the White Bear Lake library.

Learn several ways to start native plant seeds. Why do many native plant seeds need a chilling period before they will germinate? What is the winter sowing method? And how to use the winter sowing method for seeds other than native plants.
If you are interested in trying out the winter sowing method save your rinsed plastic milk/juice/water half gallon or gallon jugs. You can pick up some native plant seeds at the seed library and then all you need is some potting soil. I’ll show you how to do it at this talk.
As always, Seed Talks are really gardener discussions about a specific topic, though we do occasionally wander into other related topics. Please come and share your tips and questions!